SGI is a firm believer in the uplift of the society and a great emphasis is laid on evaluating the social costs if any and the social benefits of its actions as we believe in the concept of sustainable development to ensure long term success for us and for the society.

The group is geared to meet all international standards concerning the environment and the addition of a smoke treatment plant at the steel melting furnace is a prime example of the commitment of our group to guarantee a healthy environment.

Voluntary third party audits of the steel melting furnace to garner stag emission reports in order to ensure conformity to the set standards of EPA is another exercise by the group to ensure the wellbeing of the environment.

Installation of a Ceramic chimney at our Rolling Mills is further proof of our commitment to keep emission levels low and maintain a healthy environment.

The social uplift of the localities with SGI’s presence is a mission of the group, as the growth and wellbeing of these regions is synonymous with the growth of the company.