Rolling Mills

SGI currently operates three rolling mills each serving a specific purpose or producing certain type of rebar. This approach mirrors the policy of specialization that is actively being pursued by the company. The following mills are being operated by the group:

Pakistan Steel Re-Rolling Mills

A State of the art 11 inch production facility made operational in 2011 the Mill has many modern facilities including a Cooling bed and MS Bar Cutting Machine making the finishing stage of the Mill automatic. Work is underway leading to complete automization of the plant taking total number of stands to 12 and the Rolling capacity to 180,000 Metric Tons of Steel Bars annually.

Siddiqui Steel Re-Rolling Mills

The plant acquired in 1990 has twice been upgraded to upscale its size to 9 inch. Certain improvements over this time have been made in the plant to keep it competent with modern plants and enable it to produce quality bars. The production capacity of the Mill stands at 42,000 Metric Tons of Steel Bars annually.

Classic Steel Re-Rolling Mills

The unit was taken over in 2010, an 8.5 inch mill it was upgraded and modified to produce a special size, 10mm (3/8 inch) of Steel Bars for the group. The production ability of Classic Steel Re-Rolling Mills currently stands at 36,000 Metric Tons per annum.